May 01, 2019

Some rents are cheaper than five years ago

Rents in more than two dozen Sydney suburbs are now the same price or cheaper than five years ago, with tenants saving up to $120 a week, data shows.
With median weekly asking rents falling across the city, some tenants can now find a rental property for less than they would have paid back in 2014, according to new Domain data.

Apartment rents in 14 suburbs are now lower, with the biggest decline seen in North Ryde, where rents dropped...


April 16, 2019

Confidence returns to April auction market

The confidence of agents across Sydney has been boosted after the weekend’s positive auction results. Early indicators show the clearance rate sitting at 58 per cent with expectations it will remain at 50 per cent or above once the figures are finalised later in the week.

While auction sales were buoyant at the weekend, a new trend has emerged in the first four months of 2019; a growing number of property has been selling before auction. At Tucker Real Estate, we...


March 26, 2019

Love thy neighbour: The number one cause of disputes between neighbours

Everyone wants to be good neighbours and when they aren’t, life can be hell. It’s not until something goes wrong with a tree, fence, noise or retaining wall that relationships can turn sour.

Statistics show that fences are the No.1 cause of disputes among neighbours.

A timber fence that was erected 40 years ago may now be showing signs of rot. According to the law, neighbours have to come to a solution on a “sufficient dividing fence” and pay half each. Disagreements...


February 25, 2019

Thinking of becoming a landlord?

There is more to being a landlord than unblocking the sink, collecting the rent and watching your investment grow, so here’s some tips for successfully renting your property.

Going it alone

It is possible to manage your own property but it can be hard work, time consuming and may not fit around your work and family commitments.

Use a property management service

If you are already busy with a full-time job and spare time is at a premium, then you may find...


February 18, 2019

How an interest rate rise will affect your mortgage

Your age and time in the market will have a large bearing on how you perceive mortgage interest rates. If you we like me and had a mortgage in 1990, during the “recession that Australia had to have”, you’ll recall interest rates soared to 18 per cent, whereas newcomers might wonder what all the fuss is about as they face their 27th straight month with a cash rate of 1.5 per cent. Although we don’t know when, most experts have...


February 11, 2019

There’s no need to lose confidence - Why 2019 is a good time to buy!

While recent headlines on the housing downturn may prompt uncertainty, prospective buyers shouldn’t be discouraged.

Much is being written on declining sales results in Australia’s capital city property markets, particularly Melbourne and Sydney. However, these price falls follow a prolonged period of exceptional growth and the market’s underlying fundamentals remain strong.

Looking beyond the headlines there’s much to reassure prospective purchasers. Australia’s property market is underpinned by record low interest rates, a stable and robust economy with plentiful job opportunities and strong...


January 28, 2019

Having children or saving for a house?

As the cost of living continues to rise, many young Australians are putting their plans for a family on hold to try to break into the property market.
The high cost of housing, particularly in Sydney, is one of a number of factors pushing up the average age at which mothers have their first child according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

With the majority of young people now studying longer, they are living longer with their parents and...


January 14, 2019

Do landlords play a role in the property life cycle?

Landlords are sometimes blamed for pushing up property prices and damaging the Great Aussie Dream, but is that an accurate assessment?

Landlords provide two critical components to a healthy property market; accommodation and a stepping stone to ownership. So, they do play a fundamental role in the property life-cycle.

For most Australians their first move away from the family home is into a rental. Rentals also provide a necessary safety net for residents going through dramatic life changes such as financial difficulties,...


December 17, 2018

How to spend less than $5000 preparing a home for sale

Securing the maximum price is front of mind for any vendor. But getting top dollar for a property that needs work can be challenging, especially if your budget for improvement is tight.

Although updating the kitchen and bathroom can have a big impact, a major renovation can set you back tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete, which simply isn’t possible within a tight budget and time frame. Instead, focus on the areas of the home that will...


November 19, 2018

Who said the market was flat?

Emotionally charged buyers in a highly competitive auction is a winning formula for achieving a premium sale. And thats precisely what happened at Tucker Real Estate’s full-house, in-room Auctions held at the Ex-Servo’s Club last week.

With a 47% clearance rate, the outstanding result was for 3a Cornfield Drive Fishermans Paradise, set on 27 acres. There were 5 registered bidders with two strong contenders who battled it out, each one edging the other higher in $10,000 increments. The initial bid of...